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This Book included all the common errors, tips, suggestions and useful knowledge and improvements for managing a company. All the content and knowledge from this book are also from Sri Somanchi’s working experience and management history. The most valuable part should be how she deal with her difficulties that she has faced and how she overcame them thus became a successful manager and the most valuable staff in the company now. It is prefect for you to have it to improve your managing skills especially if you are a fresh New director / manager or  just planning to start your own business.

Except some practical Management knowledge and tips in the book, it also included Sri Somanchi’s Emotional Management. As a Senior Project Manager, she should always facing stressful situation, always need to meet a tight deadline etc. How Sri Somanchi keeps her positive emotion in such a stressful working environment ? What will she do to maintain and being motivated every morning and how does she get ready for both mentally and physically before started her working time everyday ? Check out her book now in AMAZON, don’t miss our that wonderful book today!


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Sri Somanchi’s First E-Book

Sri Somanchi’s frish E-book “Management as a Profession” just published at Amazon! Go visit at now.

Management as a Profession by Sri Somanchi

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